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 a campaign to save the rainforest in Sri Lanka

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The rainforest Sinharaja is based in Deniyaya, a town with different stunning sceneries. Originally the hills of the region were all covered in tropical rainforest but now it is cultivated mainly with tea plantations, which gives a stamp to the area. The remains of the rainforest became protected by UNESCO, a World Heritage Site.


In reality, however, the forest is still getting smaller every year and many unique animals species are threatened with extinction in only 20 years.

the cause


Although the forest is a National Park, Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site, it is not protected how it should be. There are two major problems: exploitation of the area and irresponsible behaviour of guides and villagers.

Exploitation of the area

  • Logging has taken place large-scale in the 70s. Even though it was officially stopped, people are still cutting trees.
  • Borders are encroached especially by tea plantations along the borders and even hidden inside the area. 
  • Gem Mining financed by wealthy merchants is another problem
  • Trapping got not even stopped after killing 5 rare black leopards within the last 5 years. It was largely discussed in the media, but nothing changed.

The irresponsible behaviour of Guides and Villagers.

  • Guides and Forest Rangers are not obligated to undergo a special training. Therefore, they take their dogs to the forest, leaving behind cigarettes and other trash. This gives a bad example for locals and tourist alike.
  • Villagers cross the forest by motorcycles, leaving garbage inside the protected area, participating in tree cutting and gem mining.
  • Unauthorised paths and new illegal entrance popping up since the opening of Deniyaya Ensallwatte ECO Lodge, filling the pockets of hotel owners.   



Our goal is to save this beautiful stretch of land by preserving the Rainforest and its fragile ecosystem.

Politics have the most effective means available, especially when it comes to enforcing the existing protection rules.  

Though many emails have been sent to politicians and organisations like UNESCO,

replies are rare and so its effort and support.  


The first and current step of the campaign is fundraising. With different establishments like hostels,

homestays and different activities we are trying to raise money for future projects.


* the following projects are being planned and will be released in the near future. 




10% of the generated income from our five accommodations and activities

goes to the fund to finance future projects. Would you like to visit us and help

out with the fundraising? Click here to read more about it.



Teaching about the uniqueness of the Rainforest and how small changes of

habits and actions can already make an important difference when it comes

to environment protection.





The future of the world is in the hands of our children. Therefore we want to visit locals schools around the area of Sinharaja and teach them the importance of saving the rainforest and much more. 



Our Tranquil Homestay in Deniyaya is an example of an Eco-friendly  Guesthouse.  Therefore we want to invite the local youth to our house and teach them all about Eco-Farming, permaculture and sustainable way of living.



Involving the local people in our projects and raising awareness of the problems around the rainforest and the consequence if nothing will change. We hope also hope to get the attention of the Sri Lankan government, politicals parties and different organisations.

Sidney Karunawardana


The Founder of the Campaign was born and raised within

the rainforests of the Sinharaja. He is passionate  

and loyal to the cause of saving the rainforest where

his family lived for many years and still does.



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