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Sinharaja Rainforest

 a campaign to save the rainforest in Sri Lanka

Help us


to save the Sinharaja Rainforest from being cut down to make way for tea plantations and other commercial projects.


We are trying to save this area for the next generation by carrying out educational workshops in local schools to show children the importance of protecting the rainforest. Small changes in habits and actions now can make a huge difference in the future. We are looking for volunteers to help us with our projects, as well as donations of toys and educational equipment which could aid us in the workshops.

Volunteer opportunities 


We are constantly looking for volunteers willing to give us a

helping hand on various tasks, from general maintenance or running the guesthouse to more specific tasks related to the project. Stay with us in the area of Deniyaya or at the SE-Coast.


Experience is not a must but a plus and especially welcome in the work related to the project.


Minimum stay 2 weeks.

Volunteer tasks

  • Animal caring
  • Art project
  • Building
  • Charity work
  • Cooking/shopping
  • EcoFarming
  • Gardening


  • General Maintenance
  • Help with computers/internet
  • Help with eco project
  • Help with tourists
  • Language practice
  • Teaching



Everything about the projects of the campaign to save the rainforest takes place around Deniyaya. Therefore, we are looking especially for people who would like to take part in that, e.g. go to schools and talk to the kids about the importance of the rainforest, create games to get them involved and so on.


Furthermore, we are also looking for volunteers to lend us a hand in one of our three accommodations in Deniyaya. We need help with organic farming, sustainable building, forest conservation, butterfly farming, water conservation, bakery, eco-homestay, advertising the places through the internet, etc.


We are looking forward to meeting people who are willing to take ownership of the tasks to fulfil and having a lot of freedom to organise themselves accordingly.


Apart from that, there will be plenty of time to explore the surroundings by bike or on foot. There are plenty of waterfalls nearby to swim in, nature, rice paddies and tea plantations to hike through and of course the Rainforest National Park -

a paradise for nature lovers! 

South-East Coast


We are also looking for people to help us run a guest house and hostel on the south coast in Polhena, Matara and Medigama East. Tasks would include cleaning, serving guests, gardening, helping with guest etc.


We are hoping to start a turtle and coral conservation project soon, so anyone with interest in this field would be a big help.

Sidney Karunawardana


The Founder of the Campaign was born and raised within

the rainforests of the Sinharaja. He is passionate  

and loyal to the cause of saving the rainforest where

his family lived for many years and still does.



Save the Rainforest

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